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My Father, Harry W. Sanford was the designer and manufacturer of the AutoMag Pistol. He spent most of the late 1960's in designing it. He went into production on it in the early 1970's, went bankrupt, re-started in the mid-1970's and after under the monikers of OMC, AMT, TDE and IAI. He made the AutoMag for High Standard while he also produced the gun for his companies. He initiated many other types of guns during this time but the AutoMag was his first and arguably his most famous breakthrough. All these years since his death we have maintained thousands of the original AutoMag parts and are selling them on this website. We can tell you with a reasonable amount of certainty as to how many of each of the parts we have. If you are interested in all the parts and this website they are all for sale for $25,000.00. The parts are in California. You can arrange a tour of the items for a $1000.00 deposit that would be credited toward your purchase. Otherwise we can give you a fairly close estimate of the above should you write me and express interest. There are few of the main parts still available. Frames, barrels, sights, cocking pieces, grips and magazines are the main missing parts and would have to be made to complete guns. The head machinist on the AutoMag project for 25 years is still available and can be hired for consultation. Please let me know your level of interest by contacting me:

Walter S. Sanford, Sanford Systems
559 S. Washington Ave., Kankakee, IL 60901
Office: 815 929 9258 | Fax: 815 929 9200

Walter Sanford

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Funktionsstudie Automag
Mod. 180 .44AMP
500 Bilder pro Sekunde.
Repeating study Automag
Mod. 180 .44AMP
500 Frames per second

ca. 1700 kB
1700 kB


used with permission

This is the ONLY source for AUTO MAG Parts that:

  • Are owned by the family of Harry Sanford, the President and CEO of ALL the AUTO MAG lines and ventures.

  • Are the original left-over AUTO MAG parts upon the closing of the product line.

  • Is an original AUTO MAG pistol part.

Buy Auto Mag guns, barrel extensions, magazines, some parts, accessories, ammo, reloading equipment, art work, memorabilia, cases, pictures, rare prototypes, lunch room projects, and Harry Sanford memorabilia. Email or send me descriptions or pictures with your asking price, and in many cases we can complete the transaction by same day mail.

Warning: Beware of out-of-print parts that may be sold by others. Many runs of AUTO MAG parts were rejected by the manufacturing plant as out of tolerance. The parts we offer were to be used as part of production. In fact, our inventory manager is Larry Grossman, the lead production manager of the AUTO MAG line from inception in the 1970's until the last AUTO MAG rolled off the line.

We buy original Auto Mag pistols, extensions and weird related stuff from Pasadena, TDE, OMC, High Standard, AMT and Lee Jurras! Email us with what you have and your price. We don't believe anyone pays more than we do!

NOTICE: Due to the amount of work in finding, cleaning and checking for tolerances on all of these parts and other accessories we have a new policy that no order will be accepted or processed for less than $100.00. We are sorry for this but we can not service small orders at a profit any longer.

Enjoy old articles and press releases we have put on this website. We are also offering some of the original articles and product brochures for sale as collector's editions.


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